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Excellent #leadership lessons from Vinita Vyas.
all are very nice #learnings and very much relatable to the #hospitalityindustry in very specifics.
#hospitality is all about spreading love and #happiness among its guests. This Happiness is spread through our #associates in #hotels. Our guests can not be more happier than our associates, hence if we want to keep our guests happy we must.
1. keep our associates happier.
2. develop and nurture our relationship with emotional connect with them so that they can follow our WHY and take care of our guests as we are taking care of them. if we create #emotionalconnection with our associates they would do the same with our guests.
3. Leadership is all about giving bright days to our associates, in current times of so much negativity around us, we as leaders need to spread happiness and positivity.
4. Leadership is about being human not technology. #hospitality is all going tech-savvy and losing a human connection in the process. Leaders remain human and create human relationships with followers and guests. Being human also mean we can make mistakes, have emotions. we are not superheroes.
What are your thoughts?
what are you doing today to exercise this leadership lesson?

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