30 Jan 20

How to get prepared for difficult dialogue

Three elements of preparing for difficult conversations - Leadership Lessons

In the leadership and personal lives of all individuals, there are times when you have to have conversations about difficult times. You may want to tell somebody about their performance issues, your kids, your loved ones, your friends. A lot of time such conversations can break relationships and de-motivate receiving peoples.

So how to lead in such situations? Here are three elements as suggested by Joan Eades about having conversations on difficult aspects.

1. One such Element is Standard -  What standard you want to achieve. Are these standards a common shared purpose? you need to establish a standard against which performance or behavior is being measured. such a standard needs to be accepted by those involved in conversations. Once it's done it becomes easy to start conversations for both.

2. The second Element is Evidence. - No Feelings just had facts and evidence. You don't want to involve how do you feel about the person or situation. Just limit the facts and evidence available. If you have evidence you have a better chance to remain objective in conversations. 

3. The third element is Courage -  Courage to tell the truth and accept it is very important. You need to be ready to take on such conversations. Many times we don't want to hold such conversations for a reason that we don't have courage to take hard steps.

If you follow these three elements while planning to have difficult conversations with anyone, I am sure it will be easier to have such conversations. Watch this video for more details.