29 Apr 20

Checklist / Guidelines Post COVID 19 for hotels in india

Here are some guidlines for hotels to comply while re-opening the hotels in india post pandemic

  No Buffet Service in near future, pre portion food to be served.
 In case having displayed buffet, only trained associates to serve food from the buffet, as per FSSAI instructions.
 Guest to leave the IRD tray outside their room.
 Maintain a Sanitizing checklist.
 All employees to become housekeeper.
 Clinically clean is the new level of cleanliness.
 The amenities kept in the guest room cannot be reused.
 Prefer liquid sanitizers only which should have 70% alcohol than gel based sanitizers.
 Use water proof mattress and pillow protector.
 Only designated staff will handle guest room linen.
 Mattresses to be sanitized.
 Use washable pillows and wash them above 60 degree temperature.
 Bring confidence building measures – so as to bring confidence in our guests. E.g. Security checks vehicle at the entrance & have Door Frame Metal Detectors to ensure safety and security of our guests.
 FHRAI in coordination with FSSAI will conduct training for COVID – 19 Awareness for Hotel staff, Certification and conduct Hygiene Audit.
 Provide safe and sanitized environment to the guests.
 Target domestic market, inbound will take time. 25 million population in India is outbound.
 Do not reduce room rates.
 Create a room package which should include a Hotel car Airport pick up and drop services.
 Screening facility at time office.
 Staff zone- lockers should have 10 feet distance between two staff members.
 Hotel’s Management to create a COVID-19 Officer/ Coordinator who will be reporting any health related issue in the Hotel or will get in touch with Local Authorities if required.
 Use 3 layered Face Masks.
 Divide Kitchen into 3 areas – Range Critical Operation Area, Non Range Critical Area & Pre preparation Area and maintain social distancing.
 Place individual hand sanitizers in every room.
 Use 100 ppm chlorine for sanitizing non veg items & 50 ppm chlorine for veg.
 Have 01 Isolation room for every 50 rooms.
 Do not send back the staff back home if he/she has any illness.
 Marking to be done in staff accommodation.
 Do not compromise on social distancing.
 Do not use face reading or bio-metric machine for attendance. Use other software or CCTV to check the attendance.
 Use high Power Air Blower at Bell Desk and sanitizer with 70% alcohol to sanitize guest luggage.
 Use Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) to sanitize the receiving area.
 All vehicles coming to the Hotel to be sanitized.
 Wash Egg Crate in 100 ppm chlorine for 2 minutes.
 Use 50 ppm chlorine to wash hard shell vegetables like potato, tomatoes.