30 Jan 20

Hotel Digital marketing Tips from Experts

This Blog is dedicated to compiling all knowledge available on the internet to help you understand hospitality digital marketing. Videos may not directly be on hotel management topic but principals apply equally to the Hospitality industry and management. Tips include from Gary Vaynerchuk, Niel Patel and others.

How to build an audience on social

The best way to build a following is to provide value, to our audience. The value may come in the form of inspiration, education, or entertainment. Hotels may put how to guides, destination guides, recipes, hotel pictures to engage with their audience

If 2019 was a tough year when it comes to digital marketing and SEO, you may not like what I’m predicting for 2020.

Everything is changing in2020. According to ComScore, half the searches in 2020 will be voice search. Facebook reach, continually going down. Instagram reach, Linked in reach, all starting to go down as well. Stories, everyone’s doing stories. Going live, everyone has live now.

What Is Digital Marketing? And How Does It Work?

Digital marketing is one of those terms that’s shrouded in confusion and seems to mean. Something different to everyone it’s also been made to seem way more complicated than it actually is which is a shame really as it’s really pretty straight forward and that’s what in today’s episode we’re diving in headfirst to uncover what exactly is digital marketing and how does it all work.


You don’t need to spend money in order to be successful in SEO.

In order to get traffic through SEO, all you need is a bit of sweat equity, invest the time and effort in your business so you can start reaping rewards

Nail Patel

Marketing is booming and you can make a killing as a professional as a marketer. But if you’re trying to learn marketing just Googling stuff, things are going be a very confusing.

So, today I’m going to break down the best free resource for you to learn marketing so you can hit the ground running and jumpstart your marketing career.

Nail Patel

SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank.

Are you new to SEO and want to rank #1 on google this upcoming year? Here are 3 SEO strategies that will boost your rankings!

#1: Focus on content

#2: Optimize your title tag and your meta description

#3: Use Google Search Console


Nail Patel

Are you considering career marketing? Not sure where to start?

Do you want to know which ones have the best future out look?

Today, I’m going to break down two marketing careers that’ll crush it in 2020.