30 Jan 20

How do you market your Hotel brand | Learn tips from experts

This blog is dedicated to compiling all Hotel Brand marketing tips from marketing and branding gurus lile Gary Vynerchuk, Niel Patel, brian tracy and Others. This should help you in getting your hospitality marketing efforts to show some results

In some ways, B2B is easier than B2C

In many cases, you know exactly who you’re targeting to be your customer or client. It gets very specific and becomes a lot easier to know what they care about and how you can bring them value. For example… maybe the decision maker doesn’t really like his / her job and wants to make a move - maybe you can bring them value in that way. Maybe they want to learn, and you can bring them value that way. It's about understanding what specific people care about and how you can bring them more value than you're asking for in return Some more ideas and suggestions in this video -

How to Market Your Business

Marketing is almost like cigarette smoke you cannot see the return even though it is substantial it wasn’t too long ago that businesses with sn=mall marketing budgets engaged in a marketing strategy called guerrilla.

Your brand will make you money. But as a brand, you don’t want people to just identify with your logo or trademarks.


Do you know what the best moat in business in? See these days, anyone can cop your features, your product your services, your marketing but there’s one thing that is really hard to copy, and that’s your brand.


The 4 Ps of The Marketing Mix Simplified


  2. PRICE
  4. PLACE