Corporate & Strategic Communication Skills

We communicate every time, be it in childhood, school life, business or socially. Hence we usually possess basic skills. However effective communication skills, especially in business settings, require special attention as we are dealing with various objectives.

Learning Communication Skills are a very important aspect of business and Personal Development skills as it would help to

  1. Manage Strategic communications and Plan organizations communication with external parties.

  2. Conducting group discussions.

  3. Resolving Conflicts

It might be difficult to convey your point of view without having effective communication skills.

  • Course Duration: 9 Hours
  • Course fees - 9.99
  • Course Curriculum

    –Basic Communication Skills

    Definition of Communication

    Elements of Communication

    Communication Styles

    Steps in Communication Process

    Step 1 of Communication Process

    Step 1 Explained - Goal and preparation

    Step 1 Explained - Practicing Positive Intent

    Step 1 Explained - Understanding Assumptions

    Step 2 of Communication Process

    Characteristics of Clear Message

    Three Different Communication Styles

    Assertive Communication Style

    Body Language and Signals

    Third Step in Communication - Seeing Feedback

    Listening Skiils - Listen with Compassion

    Listening Skills - Meaning of Paraphrasing

    Ways to Impove Communication and Knowledge Check

    Increase Effectiveness of Communication

    8 Guidelines for Giving Praise and Feeback

    Additional Tips for Effectiive Communications

    +–Communication in Organisations & Strategic Communications

    Communication Requirements in Business

    Skills Required in corporate communication

    Interactive Communications

    Reason why Communication Fails

    Communication Channels and Their Problems

    CC 6 Indications of Incompetent Communication

    CC 7 other reasons for Communication failure

    CC 8 Strategic Communication Lineer Model

    CC 9 Strategic Communication Adaptive Model

    CC 10 Strategic Communication Interpretive Model

    CC 11 Strategic Communication in Public Communication

    CC 12 Resources and Audience for Strategic Public Communication

    CC 13 Source of Strategic Communication

    CC 14. Strategic Communication - Summary of three models

    CC 15. Strategic Communication - Guidelines for Interpretative Models

    CC 16. Strategic Communication - Public Communications

    CC 17 Internal Communication - Orientation

    CC 18 Internal Communication - Moral Compansation and Benefits

    CC 19 Internal Communication - Organisation Change

    CC 20 External Communication - Issues Management

    CC 21 External Communication and PR

    CC 22 External Communication - Issue Management - Organisation Response

    CC 23 External Communication - Image Management and Issue Advocacy

    CC 24 External Communication - Risk and Crisis Communication

    Case Study on Corporate Strategic Communication

    +–How to Make Strategic Communication Plans

    What is Strategy

    CS - 2 What is Communication Strategy

    CS - 3 When Communication Strategy is required

    CS - 4 Why Communication Strategy is required

    CS - 5 Information We need before Making strategy

    CS - 6 Setting Goals and Identify Audience

    CS - 7 Catagorise your Audience to help draft right message

    CS - 8 Drafting Message to cater your audience

    CS - 9 Channels and Timing of Communication

    CS - 10 Resoures risk and Evaluation of communication strategy

    CS - 11 Summary of Communication Strategy

    CS - 12 Strategic Communication Plan Template

    CS 13 Strategic Communication PLan

    CS 14 Difference Between Strategic and Tactical Communication

    CS 15 Traditiona Planning and why Refreshed Approached

    CS 16 Change Management - What are concerns

    CS 17 Refreshed Approach to Communication Planning

    CS 18 Possible Problems in Communication Plan, Success measurement

    CS 19 Measure, Feedback and Manage Cynics

    CS 20 Social Aspects of Communication Strategy

    CS 21 Additional PLanning on Social Aspects of Communication Strategy

    Strategic Communication - American Airlines Case Study

    +–Group Discussions Skills

    GC - 1 How to Succeed in Group Comminication

    GC - 2 Defining Group Communication

    GC - 3 Elements of Group Communication and Types of Group

    GC - 4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Discussio

    GC - 5 How to prepare for group Discussion

    GC - 6 Practice for group Discussion and other aspects

    GC - 7 Dos and Dont group Discussion

    +–Communication Skills for Conflict Resolution

    CR 0 Summary of previous class

    CR 1. What is conflict - class discussion

    CR 2 Communication in Conflict

    CR 3 Meaning of Positive intent in difficult situations

    CR 4 Positive Intent - Example

    CR 5 De-escalating Emotions as a method to communicate in Conflicts

    CR 6 Detached Responsibility method in resolving conflicts

    CR 7 - Keys to handle Angry Peoples

    CR 8 Keys to deal with denial

    CR 9 Uncovering Hidden Agendas

    CR 10 Giving Negative Feedback

    CR 11 Receiving Negative Feedback and Excercise

    Sample Videos

    Communication Styles

    Assertive communication styles

    Body Language and Signals in Communications