Master Financial Reporting Statements and critical Analysis

What you'll learn

  • Able to Read and understand details and analyse financial statements to draw reasonable conclusions
  • Understand Basic Accounting Concepts
  • Build Financial Statements
  • Conduct Ratio Analaysis
  • Trend Analysis & compare with other industry peers
  • Understand Basics of establishing KPIs and Balance score Cards
  • Understand Management Information System


  • No Prior Knowledge of finance or accounting is required.
  • This course is aimed at all Backgrounds and includes a brief introduction to basic accounting concepts


Reading and understanding financial statements of a company can be daunting for anyone.

However if you an

  • Entrepreneur,
  • Managers with non-financial background,
  • Beginners in finance & accounting field,

and are interested to know your companies performance you must understand basic accounting concepts. You Must be able to critically analyse financial statement and draw informed conclusions to make financial sound decisions. 

Welcome to this short course on understanding Financial Reporting Statements. We will drill through Annual financial statements of a listed company and try to gain understanding of all components of financial statement and how they are linked together.

If you are looking for a complete course on analysing financial statements critically this is THE course.

As a Bonus I have added the lectures on Business Modelling, Financial Modelling & Business Valuation.

All Students of this course will get special deal on my detailed courses on these concepts.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for finance graduates with no prior practical experience in cirtical analysis of statements.
  • Non Finance Background Managers to have complete understanding and limitations of financial statements.
  • All Entrepreneurs who are not comfortable in reading financial statements.
  • Course Duration: 2 Hours
  • Course fees - USD 10.99
  • Course Curriculum

     Introductory section focusing on

    • Introduction & Welcome,
    • Course Conents and
    • Free Resources.

     This section is dedicated to fundamentals of accounting and basics of  FInancial reporting package

    • Purpose of Financial Reporting & Benefits of understanding them,
    • Basic Accounting Cocepts,
    • Underlying assumptions of Financial Reporting and
    • Elements of Financial Statements and Reporting package.

    In this Section you will learn all about –

    • Introduction to Balance Sheet,
    • Key Elements (Assets Part 1),
    • Key Elements (Assets Part 2),
    • Key Elements (Assets Part 3),
    • Key Elements (Liabilities),
    • Caution and controlling aspects and
    • What are the items not reflected in Balance Sheets.

    In this section you will learn about –

    • Introduction to P&L,
    • P&L (Revenue Terms),
    • P&L (Expenses),
    • Trends and Common Size Analysis and
    • P&L Common Pitfalls and Controls.

    In this section you will learn about –

    • Key Ratios and their meanings,
    • Ratio Analysis Part 2 and
    • Be careful in Ratio Analysis.

    In this section you will learn about –

    • Introduction of Cash Flow Statement and
    • Various type of Activities in Cash Flow.

    In this section you will learn about a business tool to manage and control performance.

    • What is Balance Score Card,
    • Balance Score Card Template and
    • How to Setup Balance Score Card.

    In this video you will learn about –

    • Meaning and Fundamental Requirements and
    • Few Sample Reports.

    In this section you will learn about –

    • Three Business Concepts and their relationship,
    • Business Model, Business Models - In-depth Study,
    • Financial Modelling,
    • Essentials of Financial Modelling,
    • Financial Modelling – Sample,
    • Business Valuation


    Sample Videos