Fundamentals and Practices in Labour Cost Management

Labor cost is usually the biggest cost in hotel industry. Management of Labour cost is also not the easiest and usually a long term strategy. Cost Containment measure in short term involving labour are usually not received well.

In this course we will go through some fundamental concepts of planning & monitoring labour cost keeping in view long term prospective.

Course is structured into

1. Fundamental concepts

2. Factors that affect labour cost and hence need deliberate planning

3. Control process and framework

4. Monitoring Process Videos were recorded live during our workshop in Yangon.

Participant's voice may not be heard clearly. I would be happy to know if i missed any specific topic.

Who this course is for:?

Human Resource Managers

Finance Managers

Hotel Operation Managers

  • Course Duration: 2 Hours
  • Course fees - USD 9.99
  • Course Curriculum

    In this section you will learn about –

    • Introduction to Strategic Hotel Management Course,
    • Headcount Concepts and
    • Compensation Controls.

    In this section you will learn about –

    • Factors affecting Productivity and
    • Labour Cost & Cost Control Process.

    In this section you will learn about –

    • Recruitment & Training and
    • Compensation Controls.

    In this section you will learn about –

    • Cost Monitoring Process,
    • Cost Monitoring Process Part 2 and
    • Post Workshop Discussions.

    Sample Videos

    Hotel Management Course - Introduction to Labour cost control fundamentals

    Hotel Management Labour cost control - Concept of Headcount

    Hotel management Labour cost control - Labour Turnover