Restaurant Profitability Analysis & Management

Restaurant business is very dynamic and its success lies on various factors. Ability to maximise seat occupancy, food cost, beverage cost, upselling. Revenue and cost analysis skills are must for managers to be successful in achieving the objectives of maximum profitability while still maintaining the quality of service and food.

Success in restaurant management career depends not only on your operation skills but also how well a manager understand restaurants revenue and expenses so that corrective actions can be taken on time. This Short Video course focuses on learning fundamentals on how to maximise profitability of F&B business

In this course we will be learning fundamentals of restaurant business, menu design principals, business planning, how to segment & analyse Restaurant revenue, get the key metrices & compare with competitors, Menu Engineering Report and Strategies to maximise revenue, Understand F&B costs and how to manage them to maximise the profitability.

The course is designed keeping in mind Restaurant Managers / Asst Managers to be able to manage their profitability, Independent Restaurant Owners and Managers who does not have formal business education, Hotel Management Students to give them some practical experience before jumping into career.

This course comes with practical experience and reports which will help you to get fundamental insights to your business and able to understand it in order to maximise results.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to

  1. Recognize how to design your Menu as per established principals and grab maximum attention from guests.
  2. Discuss where your business comes from and which meal period is most profitable.
  3. Identify your major revenue source and establish if these are profitable or not.
  4. Identify what are major costs in your business and how to control them.
  • Course Duration: 3.5 Hours
  • Course fees - USD 9.99
  • Course Curriculum

    In this section you will learn about –

    • Introduction, 
    • Introduction to F&B Operations,
    • Restaurant Positioning & Designing Concepts and
    • Menu Engineering Concepts Explained.

    In this video you will learn how to

    • Cover & Revenue Analysis and
    • Revenue Analysis (Knowledge Check).

    In this video you will learn about –

    • Menu Engineering Report,
    • Menu Engineering Example,
    • Strategic Actions based on menu engineering report and
    • Menu Engineering Knowledge Check.

    In this video you will learn about –

    • Understanding and Analysing F&B Cost 
    • Cost Analysis and Management.

    Sample Videos