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Balance Score Card

This Course creates fundamentals of the balanced scorecard technique and KPI management and how we align business values, mission, vision with our performance management system to ensure sustainable business growth. These videos are live recorded from our workshop held in Yangon.

A lot of small businesses fail due to the lack of focus and traditional method of business performance evaluations which are not linked to vision, mission, strategy. Traditional performance measures also miss the balanced growth prospective.

This course on balance score card and KPI management is for Hotel owners, startups, HR Managers who would like to gain an insight into

  1. What is the Balanced Score Card
  2. All terminologies used
  3. How to align vision mission strategy into KPIs

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What you’ll learn

  • Balance Score Card
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Fundamentals of Vision, Mission, Strategy
  • Align Vision, Mission, Strategy and KPIs

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic Understanding of Business

Who this course is for:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Startups
  • HR Managers
  • Operation Heads

Instructor of the course is Mr Manish Gupta other courses by him are

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KPIs are everyone’s first purpose business and personal so everybody has their own performance indicators. they
have their own vision they have their own mission. so the balanced scorecard and key performance indicators (KPIs) do is they need you to continually measure your performance based on certain parameters.
for example you’re playing the ball and then you’re gonna hit somewhere right, so you have to hit to the goal post what if there is no flag how do you know that how far you have to take and if you don’t know the whole post you don’t know that how will you know that how I can have each to your goals so those flags whenever you remember and
it reached somewhere you put a flag there right so then you can go back and see how far is it from here.
so the key performance indicators help you to understand how far you have achieved those goals.
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Introduction & Fundamentals of Balance Score Card

Introduction to the course on performance management & balance score card
Lecture-2.Understanding Key Performance Indicator – KPI
Lecture-3. Terminology – Lagging and Leading Indicators
Lecture-4.Characteristics of Good KPI
Lecture-5. Key Performance Indicators- Development Process

Balance Score Card

Lecture-7.Meaning of Balance Score Card
Lecture-8.What are performance Metrics – are they only Financial
Lecture-9.Balance Score Card – Intangible assets important for Business
Lecture-10.Implementation Strategy for Balance Score Card

Balance Score Card – Explained Four Prospectives

Lecture-11.Four Prospective of Business Performance
Lecture-12.Customer Prospective of Business Performance
Lecture-13.Internal Processes Prospective of Business Performance
Lecture-14.Employees Prospective of Business Performance
Lecture-15.Financial Prospective of Business Performance

Section 4: How to Setup and Establish Balance Score Cards

Lecture-16.Setup Process of Balance Score Card
Lecture-17.Process Planning to Establish BSC
Lecture-18.Development of Performance Measures – Balance Score Card
Lecture 19.What are Mission Vision & Value and related to Balance Score Cards
Lecture-20.What is Mission Statement – Detailed
Lecture-21.What is Vision Statement
Lecture-22.What are Values and how it relates to business performance
Lecture-23.What is Strategy
Lecture-24.Strategy Map and how it fits with Balance Score Card
Lecture-25.Recap of What we have Learned so Far

Section 5: Sample Performance Measures to determine success in business

Lecture- 26 Performance Measure under Four Prospective of Business
Lecture-27 Sample performance measure for Food Industry
Lecture-28.Template of a KPI Measure in Balance Score Card
Lecture-29.Setting up targets and Priorities
Lecture-30.Process of Cascading down and aligning goals
Lecture-31.Final Steps after Balance Score Card

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Learn how to use Balance Score Card and KPI for management
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