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communication skills for front office and hospitality, group discussion

How to Communicate with Guests in Hotels and Service Industry

Hospitality professionals need to be excellent communicators in order to engage effectively with guests and delight them with their services. Communication skills include not only language skills but understanding your guest needs, non-verbal and body language as well.

In hotels a variety of Guests comes to stay from different cultures hence communicating with them can be difficult. in this course Mrs Sharmila Chand, who is a senior journalist and has been reviewing hotels since a long period of time, is sharing using tips on improving the communication skills of front-office associates in the hotel.

We will cover all aspects of communication

– how to greet hotel guests and check them

– how to handle guests requests

– How to check them out

– what are do and dont in communication with guests.

Take this course to improve your personality and ability to communicate well with your customers.

Who this course is for:

  • hotel industry professionals
  • front office associates
  • customer facing individuals

What you’ll learn

  • Communication Skills for Front office staff
  • How to engage with guests
  • Do and Dont in communication with guests
  • How to communicate while checking in at hotel
  • how to communicate while checking out from hotel
  • Talking confidently with Hotel guests

About the Instructor

Sharmila Chand – Visit my website to learn more 

Journalist, Blogger, Author

“I love to write and have been passionately following Journalism since past two decades. I have also authored a Book “Cheers-365 Cocktails & Mocktails” By Om Books International and launching my next one soon.I contribute features for various industry and mainstream publications like Deccan Herald, Sunday Standard, Morning Standard, Mail Today, The Tribune and more…

My areas of interest : Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Entrepreneurs, Wellness, Hospitality and more”

Message from Author

“hello listeners i’m sharmila chand i’m a guest faculty at various institutes where i take classes on communication skills and i also as a journalist write on hotels so since past several years i have been reviewing properties so i like to give communication tips from a guest point of view of the hotels i like to put the two aspects together a communication specialist and a hotel reviewer so that i can give some practical tips from a guest point of view to the hospitality professionals today in the session i want to focus on the front office team of the hotels how they should engage with the guests and what are the tips which can help them in improving their communication with the guest engagement”


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Communication Skills for Hospitality Front office associate to delight guests

Introduction to the Lecturer Mrs Sharmila Chand

Sharmila Chand is an independent writer, contributing features for mainline and industry publications on a huge list of topics that include food, lifestyle, health, wellness, travel, fashion, culture, people and places. She has also authored Books on Food & Beverages. Sharmila will be teaching communication skills in this course to make you confident in dealing with guest engagements.

How Front office should greet and welcome the guest in front office
Body Language required for Front office Staff to engage with hotel guests

In this lesson you will get tips to get your body langauge right while communicating with hotel guests. body language is in integral part of communication skills

Listening and taking ownership of guests requests and needs
Communication skills at the time of checking out guests
Do and Donts for Front office and Engagement with guest
Be confident by having product knowledge and summary of lessons learned

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Effective Communication Skills for Hospitality Front office Associates by Sharmila Chand
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