Duration: 1 Hours
Lectures: 12
Level: Intermediate


conflict resolution, communication skills

Conflicts are inevitable in any environment, especially in the work environment. Every department and manager tries to achieve their goals and sometimes it comes at a cost of others giving rise to conflicts. conflict resolution is necessary for the managers in order to keep smooth business operations and maintain efficiency. Communication Skills plays a big part in resolving conflicts

In this course, we will teach you the fundamentals of

  1. Why conflicts arise
  2. how to Resolve Conflicts through effective communication skills

What you’ll learn

  • Conflict Resolutions

is there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic English Understanding

Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Managers
  • Aspiring Managers

This course is being taught by Mr Manish Gupta, you can check out his other hotel management courses  here

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Communication Skills for Conflict Resolution

CR 0 Summary of previous class
CR 1. What is conflict – class discussion
CR 2 Communication in Conflict
CR 3 Meaning of Positive intent in difficult situations
CR 4 Positive Intent – Example
CR 5 De-escalating Emotions as a method to communicate in Conflicts
CR 6 Detached Responsibility method in resolving conflicts
CR 7 – Keys to handle Angry Peoples
CR 8 Keys to deal with denial
CR 9 Uncovering Hidden Agendas
CR 10 Giving Negative Feedback
CR 11 Receiving Negative Feedback and Excercise

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Conflict resolution How to resolve day to day conflicts for better productivity Communication Skills
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