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Suggestive Selling and upselling Skills as commonly known in the retail industry is selling a specific item or add-on item to what the guest has bought. However, suggestive selling in a restaurant refers to selling an item that guests may need but are unsure of.

Quite a few times, when guests enter the restaurant (new or old), they have some idea in mind what they want to eat. However often guests are open to suggestions and ask for servers’ specialty food or items. Many times guests are not really sure of what to order due to various choices available on the menu.

Suggestive Selling and upselling skills in the restaurant and food and beverage industry is about

1. understanding customer needs.

2. acting as a consultant and helping them in choosing the right products

3. building a rapport and long term and trusted relationship with them.

if done right, this technique can help businesses gain loyal customers and improve sustainability in business.

Suggestive Selling skills is not the same as up-selling skills in the food and beverage industry, later skills usually mean selling more expensive items to a guest who might want to order a particular item while suggestive selling skills helps guests choosing item which they actually need regardless of expensive or not.

Take this short course, taught by leading F&B experts, to understand how you can apply suggestive selling skills in the hospitality industry.

Mr Harish Chandra (main instructor in this course on suggestive selling skills) 

• Was trusted by former CEO of Jumeirah Group of Hotels & Resorts to launch and implement 1st class Food and Beverage skills training including suggestive selling skills during the pre-opening phase covering the entire 12 Food and Beverage outlets under the flagship of Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Resorts – Dubai.

• Initiated successful negotiation with service providers and switched from man-power based agreements to performance-based ‘man-days’ type of agreements.

Currently, Harish serves as a Section Head of Food and Beverage, at ADNOC GROUP where I’ve mentored, coached and empowered staff on suggestive selling skills to put their best feet forward and offer prolific services to guests and international clientele.

Checkout his linkedin profile here 

Other courses Taught by Harish is on How to Enhance guest services – Check out how you can enhance your service standards

The unique feature of this course is the role-play assignment which you have to complete after the course and we will give you individual personalized feedback, which will help you master the skills.

how many times you have gone to a
restaurant and you did not like the dish
that you ordered
or you wish that the waiter could have
suggested something or you are confused
in what kind of dessert you want to
order what kind of wine you want to
what kind of wine will go with what kind
of food
we normally like to eat we are foodies
but when we go to the restaurant we are
confused our guests are sometimes
what dish they would like to order so
they normally ask
the waiter normally ask they ask the
so the server and the waiter fnb staff
need to have a very good skill in
what kind of food what kind of beverage
what kind of coffee what kind of
uh item that the guest should order
that will help not only in the guest
but also in the profitable increasing
the profitability of the restaurant
suggestive skill is not about pushing
the most profitable item it’s about
pushing the item which is most suitable
for the guest
so in this short course mr harish
chandra who is the fnv expert
will be explaining you some skills
and some processes how you can learn the
selling skills how you can master and
learn how to suggest a dish to a guest
without being pushy but still
maintaining a good profitability
of your restaurant so over to mr harish
hi greetings to the viewers my name is
haris chandar
i am a food and beverage professional
and i am before you
explaining this course which is about
suggestive selling
feel free in case if you have any
question please at the end of the course
try to write it to me i will be very
happy to answer and i will take you
slide by slide
explaining what is the best way in doing
suggestive selling in your outlet in
your restaurant in your hotel in your
or the place that you are selling
selling is a technique
many times you have gone to a restaurant
and you have had a good experience or
probably a bad experience
that depends of a place that you have
been to
that depends how the people have treated
you that depends how
trained the service staff in that area
there are times what you ordered you
received it very well
everything was perfect it was warm as a
warm food
cold as a cold food all accompaniments
came properly
the service was done perfect right to
right left
left plate to plate and then example
passing a pepper mill at the last
or showing you your condiments or
telling you a little about your food
that you have ordered
that all will increase the satisfaction
for what you have ordered and many times
you also wish that probably the server
would have told you
that what to order because the server
what is best available for that day
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Introductions and Fundamentals of Suggestive Selling Skills

Introductions to the Suggestive Selling Skills course
Who is best for Suggesting F&B items
Why do YOU need to this Learn this course
Objectives of this course – Suggestive Selling Skils
What is Suggestive Selling
Benefits of Suggestive selling to guest business and employees
Difference between Suggestive Selling , Up-selling and Cross Selling

How and When we can Implement Suggestive Selling Skills

Understand Guest Psychology
When you can Suggest something to a guest
Professionalism in Selling – Part 1
Professionalism in Selling and right way to hand menu
Professionalism in Selling wines and Desserts
Most Common Types of Suggestion guest look for – Dietary restrictions and Healthy options
Common Type of Suggestions Guest Need – Portion size and Time constraints

Tools that need to be used for Suggestive Selling Skills

Vocabulary You can use to express yourself
Vocabulary You can use to express yourself-part 2
Do and Dont while engaging with customers
Bottom Line Goal of Suggestive Selling
Bottom Line Goal of Suggestive Selling with real life example
Summarizing whole session with two golden rules.
Role Play Assignment for Suggestive Selling Skills

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