Food & Beverage and General Cost Control

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Hotel cost control procedures are an integral part of Hospitality management aimed towards managing hotels’ F&B and other general costs. Hotel F&B costs usually are the second largest cost after labor costs. In this course, we will be learning various cost control techniques that help hotels to manage their food and beverage costs and hence profitability.

Cost Control Procedures is a phased process starting from establishing cost standards, recording and measuring against those standards, and recommending corrective action plans to adjust costs. The scope of such procedures includes a complete hotel operation cycle starting from planning to purchase F&B items, ordering, receiving & storing, consumption, and waste management.

This online course  “Hotel Management – F&B and General cost control process” aims to teach learners fundamentals of all cost control techniques with the help of examples, control templates that can be used readily for applying such techniques.

In this course, we will learn

  • Hospitality Cost control process and scope. What is covered in the cost control scope and skills required to carry out the process?

  • Techniques of cost control in hospitality – Cost at each step of hotel operation can be controlled by monitoring techniques and processes. We will go through a few of the important and most used ones to give you an idea.

  • PAR (Standard) setting – PAR levels is a very important tool in hospitality cost control process as it serves as the standard to control inventory at the store, kitchens, Bars and reduce which in turn help to ensure sufficient availability of the material when needed and reduce wastage by reducing additional inventory.

Some of the very common Hospitality cost control techniques

– How to Calculate kitchen food orders: Estimating how much material you need for the next 3-5 days is very tricky and needs an understanding of demand and cost components.

– Butcher Test / Yield Tests: Butcher test is an important technique to learn as this test is used for controlling food costs in hotels. This single test is used for determining, standard recipe costs, measuring if suppliers are delivering the right products and monitor costs in case of need to identify cost variances.

– Bar Spot Checks: Similar to Butcher test and yield test Bar spot checks are used for controlling beverage inventories.

– Various other control aspects related to hotel cost controls

This Course is designed for hotel cost controllers, finance staff, department heads to be able to understand how the cost for hotels is managed.


What you’ll learn

Hotel management – Cost Control process

How to setup par

Purchasing controls

various spot check and analytical checks to identify problems

control control reporting

potential cost control reports

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

basic understanding of hotel operations

Who this course is for:

  • Hotel Cost controllers
  • Hotel Operations Managers
  • Food and Beverage department executives
  • Hotel Finance Staff
  • Hotel Owners


The course is taught by Manish Gupta CFO of a large company in myanmar (Check about the company here)

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Food & Beverage and General Cost Control
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