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customer journey map and guest experience

Customer service is important for all businesses and to the hotel business in particular. In current times businesses need to spend time and effort in enhancing the customer experience with the business which can lead to better customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty leads to better profitability since It is cheaper to sell existing customers compare to finding new customers. You can build better loyalty by enhancing the customer experience. Guest Journey mapping is one tool to achieve customer experience 

In order to enhance customer experience with the business, we need to map their touchpoints with business related to

  1. Discovery stage (before sale/booking)
  2. Booking Stage or inquiry stage
  3. Service delivery stage (arrival to the hotel stage and inhouse experience)
  4. Check out the experience and billing stage.
  5. Post sale experience i.e post departure experience.

This exercise is called customer/guest journey mapping. In the guest journey map, all key touchpoints with customer and guests with the entity are mapped in order to identify how we are engaging with them to improve their experiences

In this course, we will explain the customer journey map with reference to the hotel. Though its very specific to the hotel, any industry can get benefitted from this as principals and processes remain the same.

The course is delivered by Mr. Sanjeev Nayar who is an expert in hospitality. he has led a hotel chain in India and has over 35 years of experience.

What you’ll learn in this course on the customer journey map

  • Customer / Guest journey map
  • Guest Experience
  • Hotel management
  • Hotel operations management
  • how to delight customers

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • None, you will learn from basics

Who this course is for:

  • front office associates
  • food and beverage department
  • hotel management students
  • hotel managers
  • hotel owners

Instructors – Hotel Management School and Mr Sanjeev Nayar

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hi guys whether you are in hospitality industry or any consumer service industry guests are very important. guest engagement is even more important. you can find a guest by spending marketing and aggressive sales marketing, but when it comes to retain them when it comes to make them a loyal the customer engagement, and enhancing the customer experience at your property at your shop at your e-commerce or whatever business you have. the customer need to have the experience which is world-class, which is different from others which meets their need the basic need and the advanced need moral need and also the recognition needs.
so understanding the customer and meeting the expectations is very crucial for business for their long-term profitability. to improve the customer loyalty to improve their overall experience brand loyalty so that is very important. now how the businesses can do that. the businesses can do that by mapping out the customer journey with their business. so now we’re gonna have an hospitality expert, because you cannot understand customer more than a hospitality expert because we are dealing with uh different type of customers day in day out.
so we’re gonna be learning from mr sanjeev nair about delighting the customer enhancing the customer experience through customer journey maps. mr sanjeev has an experience of over 35 years he has headed itc heritage hotel in india. He has a lot of passion towards enhancing the customer experience he will be sharing his experience his steps step by step for every different aspect of the customer journey, which starts from before the sale during the sale and after the sale even after the stay of the person after sales services so stay tuned let me see you in the sections.
thank you very much
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Introduction to the course - Guest Journey Mapping to enhance customer experience and delight

Intro to Instructor and Course – Why its important to delight the customer
how enhancing customer experience helps organization

Customer Journey Mapping

What is Customer Journey and Why its important for guest experience
Pre-arrival Experience Journey Mapping – Touch points before guest arrive to hotel
Pre-arrival engagements with guest post reservation but before arriving to hotel
Arrival Experience of guest at airport and hotel Lobby
Arrival Experience how to enhance and what to avoid
Touch Points during the stay at the hotel and in room experience
Departure Experience at hotels what needs to be cared for
Post Departure Experience for guests to keep guest engagement for future booking
Process of creating a Customer Journey Map
Closure of the course with lasting thoughts

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Guest Journey Mapping to enhance customer experience and delight in 2020
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