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Duration: 4 Hours
Lectures: 38
Video: 2.5 Hours
Level: Intermediate


Accounting rules, ratio analysis for small business accounting, budgeting and forecasting for financial projections, business plans, practical tips for finance

A wide range of hotel management professionals in operations does not feel comfortable reading, analysing and presenting their department’s hotel financial statements and performance due to lack of financial background & knowledge and training.

This lack of understanding may be causing them to grow in their career and optimize their departments’ profitability

  • Learn how to analyze hotel financial statements and the meaning and implications of key terms used in operations.
  • understand how your decisions affect the profitability of hotels and improve hotel profitability.

After Completing this course on how to analyze hotel financial statements for room department you will be able to

  • to anlayse & present your department’s performance easily and professionally.
  • give your Career a head start by learning one of they key responsibilities of your career as department manager which is managing the departmental P&L

In this unique and first in league online course on analyze hotel financial statements for room, we will

– Discuss and understand key unique terms used in hotel management.

– Understand definitions of revenue and expense heads.

– Drill down all revenue and expenses to the deeper level to gain an understanding of how to create impact through strategic decisions.

– Learn how to analyze the hotel profit and loss statement for room division.

– Discuss the profit & loss templates prescribed by USALI

– All terms explained are in compliance with the Uniform system of accounting for lodging industries.

The course is Unique in the sense that we focus on theory as well as practical assignments which i will be reviewing personally and guiding your learning ensuring that you achieve your objective of subscribing to this course. I will ensure that you excel in understanding your hotel management aspects as far as it relates to financial terms.

Even though the course is online with no physical presence, assignments in this course will give you a change of personal interaction as I will review all assignments personally and give you personalized guidance.

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What you’ll learn

  • Ability to understand Hotel Operation structure
  • Understand Key terms used in hotel industry in very simple language
  • Read Profit & loss statement and other performance reports without prior knowledge of accounting
  • Present financial reports to Management
  • Analyse the Hotel financial statements and performance results and take strategic decisions

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No Prior knowledge of finance or hospitality industry is required, we would be covering the basics of hotel operation as well.
  • Need to have a passion towards learning hospitality & Hotel Management
  • Willingness to dedicate a few hours a week to Learn Hotel Management

Who this course is for:

  • Hotel Department Heads / Managers who are willing to sharpen their hotel management skills by learning the financial analysis side of operations.
  • Front Office Managers, supervisors who wish to advance in their career by learning new skills on how to analyze and present hotel financial statements
  • Room Division Professionals Seeking a career in Hospitality Industry and hotel management
  • All hotel employees who want to learn how to analyze Room Division financial statements
  • Hospitality Students who wish to give them a head start in their career by learning things quicker

Author of this course how to analyse hotel financial statements for rooms.

Manish Gupta (Linked in profile)

  • Energetic and ambitious Chartered Accountant and Result-oriented Hospitality professional, offering +10 years of extensive experience in Finance, Audit, Risk management, and Hotel Operations.
  • Hands-on experience in Monthly Reporting, Budgeting, forecasts, P&L analysis, and leading projects. I have led ERP implementation for 16 hotels in our Group.
  • Strength in a positive attitude and Topline growth approach towards business. Improving productivity and cost efficiencies without compromising quality
  • Entrepreneurial attitude and Passionate about sharing knowledge and experience via online classes and sessions. Visit our website for best hotel managementt courses for more details

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Introduction to the course – Analyse Room division Financial Statements
Hotels Operating Department & Cost Structure
Hotels usual Operations Cycle and involvement of operating departments

Accounting & Financial Reporting in Hospitality

How Hospitality Industry is different from others
Uniform System of Accounting for Lodging Industry
Financial Reporting Package of Hospitality Industry
Grand Profit & Loss Statement

Rooms Division Financial & Operating Reports

Rooms Division Section Introduction
Understand the structure of Room Division P&L
Understand Room Division P&L Part 2
Rooms Revenue – General Overview
Rooms Revenue – Key Drivers Quantity
Room Revenue – Key Driver – Value
Room Revenue Segmentation – FITs
Room Revenue Segmentation – Groups
Room Revenue – Package Elements
Barter & Loyalty Program Deals
How to Analyse Hotel Revenue
Horizontal Analysis
Vertical Analysis
Revenue Analysis – Simplified
Marketing and Operating Reports for Hotel’s Revenue Analysis
Nationality Report
Booking Lead period
Upselling & Upgrades
Market Bench Mark Report

Expenses in Room Division

Room Division Labour Cost
Labour cost Segmentation Management & Non Management
Labour cost Segmentation by Dept
Labour cost – Service Charge Distribution
Labour Cost – Other Components
Labour cost Analysis
Other Room Cost Items
Other Room Division Cost – Nature of Expenses
Room Division – Cross Division Charge

Analyse Divsion P&L

How to Analyse Room Profit & Loss Statement – Steps
Analysis Preparation Steps
Analysis of Variances & Ratios

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Analyze Hotel Financial Statements steps you must learn for Rooms Dept
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