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cleaning of metals, housekeeping, hotel management

In the hospitality industry, we use various types of metals. These metals are made from different alloys, have different compositions, and require a different method for cleaning process and maintenance.

It important for professional housekeeping supervisor to understand all these metals and their cleaning methods, their composition their maintenance methods. It will help them understand and ensure that the life of all the articles made up of these materials is prolonged.

the housekeepers need to understand the cleaning methods and processes so that they can make sure that it’s included in their schedules for daily, weekly, monthly, cleaning processes of the hotel. Housekeeping Supervisors would also be able to train their team members on the various cleaning methods and ensure that they are not damaging it. Supervisors must be able to recover the damages with various techniques that we are going to teach you in this class.

In this class taught by Ms Rekha Maitra you will be learning all about these methods metals what is the composition how do we clean how do we maintain so that you are able to fulfill your duties and responsibilities.

What you’ll learn

  • Type of Metals used in hotels and resorts
  • Composition of various matals.
  • Cleaning process of metals.
  • maintenance of metals for long life

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic housekeeping skills
  • basic hotel operations

Who this course is for:

  • Housekeepers and cleaning staff
  • General Hotel management students to gain general knowledge of houskeeping
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Introduction the course on Housekeeping cleaning methods for Metals

Introduction to Module on Composition and cleaning of Metals

In this Module we will be discussing what we will learn in this course on housekeeping.

Why you Should be learning about metals to become professional housekeeper

Silver and its Cleaning process in hotels

What is Silver and Where its used in Hotels
Type of Silver used in hospitality
How do we clean and maintain the Silver
Check on Knowledge gain so far on Silvers
2 questions

Pls answer this quizz to check your knowledge on your learning from the course.

Steel and cleaning process

What is Steel and how its made and used in hotels
Maintenance and Cleaning of Steel and how to remove spots
Knowledge check on Cleaning of Steels
1 question

Copper Brass and Bronze in hospitality industry

Copper, use in hospitality industry and how copper is cleaned
Brass, its use in hospitality industry and how copper is cleaned
Bronze its use in hospitality industry and how Bronze is cleaned
Knowledge check for Copper, brass and bronze
3 questions

Aluminum Iron and its cleaning process

Aluminum and Cleaning process of aluminum
Iron and Its Cleaning Process
Knowledge check for Iron
2 questions

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Professional Hospitality Housekeeping Composition & Cleaning process of different Metals
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