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Enrolled: 5 students
Duration: 3 Months
Lectures: 31
Video: 20 Hours
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Growth in a Hotel finance career requires Specialised Technical skills apart from general Accounting and finance fundamentals. in this master class, we will be helping you acquire all skills that are necessary to become chief accountant/accounting manager in a large size hotel/resort.

Usually, a path to become a Chief accountant or accounting manager in a hotel after graduating from the university may take anywhere from 2 years to 5 years depending on individual competence, skills, knowledge, and desire.

A typical Journey to become a hotel chief accountant may include

  1. Working at Junior levels in the Payables, receivables, General Accounting department of the hotel to gain a basic understanding of the hotel operation process.
  2. Growth to Supervisor takes about 1-3 years (sometimes many more) depending on hotel training plans, individual interest, and learning abilities.  At Supervisory levels, individuals learn to manage small teams, become accountable for tasks of the team, and manage a process.
  3. From here individuals may take anywhere between 2-3 years (Sometimes much more) and are required to study to gain knowledge to be able to handle
    1. Monthly Financial Statements (as per USALI)
    2. Management Payments, receivables, approval processes
    3. Create Management Reports
    4. Overall leadership for the accounting department, hiring, promotions, team management.

Associates have options either to learn from experience and wait till positions become vacant or learn through additional resources such as this master class on how to become a chief accountant and create opportunities for themselves.

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How the master class to become a chief accountant in the hotel will be delivered

– Classes will be delivered in Hybrid mode. There will be some pre-recorded videos and Few Live Sessions. Most of the course will be delivered through live interactions and practical examples based on your work experience.

– Course will be catered to individual needs and the focus will be emphasized on individual past experience in hotel accounting and learning abilities.

– You will need to complete Assigned Pre-recorded videos

– Once a week we will have a virtual class via zoom/google meet to discuss live issues and explaining the concepts shared in pre-recorded vedioes. So you will be able to prepare on your own pace and get interactive learning as well.

– Each week you will be given an assignment to complete.

– At the end, of course, you will be given a master assignment, after the successful completion of such an assignment, you will get the certificate of achievement.

What we will cover in this Master Class.

  • Fundamentals of Accounting Principals
  • Setting up the Financial System for Hospitality
  • Understanding how different department works and impact financial statements
    • Income Audit Department
    • Cost Control Process
    • Credit and AR department
    • Accounts Payables
    • Fixed Asset Controls
    • Hotel Operations department
  • Monthly Financial Statement closing process
  • USALI Standards and Reports
  • Month End Reporting Process
  • Internal controls in hospitality

Here is a sample of our recorded course. you can subscribe to this course for checking before committing to this class. learn how to Analyze Hotel Financial Statements to improve profitability in 2021

The trainer for this master class to become chief accountant/accounting manager in the hotel/resort is Mr Manish Gupta- Click here to check Linked in Profile

Energetic and ambitious Chartered Accountant and Result-oriented Hospitality professional, offering +10 years of extensive experience in Finance, Audit, Risk management, and Hotel Operations.
I have hands-on experience in Monthly Reporting, Budgeting, forecasts, P&L analysis, and leading projects. I have led ERP implementation for 16 hotels in our Group.
Blessed with a positive attitude and Topline growth approach towards business. Improving productivity and cost efficiencies without compromising quality

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Week 1 - Understanding Hotel Finance Department and its relation ship with other departments

Introduction to the Master Class – Chief Accountant
5 Minutes

This lesson is just to explain the structure of the course.

Understanding Structure of Hotel & Hotel finance department
20 Mins

In this lesson, we will be discussing on How hotels' operation and finance departments are structured

How Hotel Finance Department is connected with other hotel departments
30 Minutes

In this class we are discussing hospitality finance and its relation with other industries

Uniform System of Accounting for Lodging Industries (Corner Stone of hospitality accounting)
10 MIn

In this lesson, you will learn what is Uniform system of accounting for lodging industries.

How Hospitality Accounting is different and its uniqueness
10 Mins
First Live class – What is Hotel organization structure and hotel finance interact with other
1 Hour

Watch the recording of our live discussion,

Live Class – 6th June – Explaining Hotel finance concepts of Accruals, Prepayments and Allocations
1 Hours

This is our second live interaction where we explained three important concept of hotel accounting.

Resources used in this course for reference and taking notes.

Week 2 & 3 - Understanding Uniform System of Accounting Lodging Industry (USALI)

USALI – Rooms Department
3 Hours

You will be given the link and access to another course having detailed videos on this topic. as part of this master class you will be enrolled to the detailed course without any extra cost

Live Class – 12th June – Recording Uploaded
1 hour

you can watch the recording of class here.

Live Class – 13th June – Recording
1 Hours
USALI – F&B Department
3 Hours

You will be given access to another course on our website, without extra cost.

USALI – Other Operating Departments
1 Hour

You will get a link to a course on our website and you will need to complete that.

LIVE Class – 19th June 2021 – Food and Beverage accounting concepts
60 Mins
Live Class 20th June 2021 Recording-Other Operating Departments
1 Hour

Week 4 - USALI (Non Operating Departments) and Other Reports

USALI – Administrative & General
30 Min
USALI – Sales & Marketing and Maintenance
USALI – Information Technology
14 Min
USALI – Other Statistics Reports and Wrap Up of entire USALI
1 Hour

Week 5 - Managing Accounts Receivables in Hotels

Classification of Hotel AR & Process of Generation
50 Min
Control Aspects of Hospitality Accounts Receivable
72 Min

Week 6 - Managing Credit Function in Hospitality

Introduction to the Credit Department and Its functioning
45 Mins
Credit Department Best Practices and Cashiering in Hotel
40 MIn

Week 7 - Hotel Income Audit Department

Income Audit Department Reports and its impact on accounting
1 Hour

Week 8 - Hotel Cost Control Department

Structure & Role of Hotel Cost Control Department – Basic Controls
1 Hour
Cost Board and other reports necessary for hotel accounting
1 Hours

Hospitality Accounts Payable Department

Accounts Payable Function in Hotels

General Accounting and Month End Closing Process and Analysis

Month End Closing Process for Hotels
Hotel Financial Statement Analysis

Hotel Fixed Asset Controls

Fixed Asset Control and Recording
Valuation and Operating Equipment

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Master Hospitality Finance – Elevate your career as hotel finance leader
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