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All Startup founders and Business owners, executives must get basic understanding of finance and accounting to enable themselves to be able to read financial statements, analyse results and the impact of their business decisions.

This course was recorded during a live class with startup founders who do not have any formal background in accounting and finance. Course contents, speed and explanations are designed keeping in mind those users, hence other users may find it slow and sometimes repetitive. I repeated few things just to make my audience understand and absorb concepts.

What are different methods of raising capital and what they cost.

Understanding the business value and do self-valuations
• What is Value?
• Value from different prospective.
• Different Methods of Valuation.
o Income Approach
o Cost Approach
o Comparable
• Inherent limitations and uncertainties of valuation models.
• How can we enhance value of our business?
• Share your experiences with valuation and how inventors value your startup

What you’ll learn

  • Different Sources of capital
  • Advantages and Dis-advantages of sources
  • What are different aspects of business valuation
  • Different Methods of valuation

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Previous Four Sessions

Who this course is for:

  • Startup Founders and Co-Founders
  • Enterpreneurs
  • Business Owners

Introduction & Fund Raising

Recap of Previous classes
Traditional Ways of Financing
Startup Financing and Stages in Startup Finance
Early Stage Financing – Own Capital, Crowdfunding, Leasing

Valuation Concepts

Why Do we need Valuation and is it Objective ?
Basic Valuation Concepts
Process of valuation and Factors which affect Business Valuations
Valuation Methods and Market Approach
Income Valuation Approach
Discounting rate and how we determine it
Other Methods of valuation and Consclusion
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