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restaurant menu pricing
Restaurant Menu pricing strategies for food and beverage items is the engine behind your company’s success, as sales are your restaurant’s sole source of revenue. Pricing for food directly impacts your ability to fund essential aspects of your business, including equipment, utilities, labor, ingredients, and more. When creating or updating your restaurant menu, follow tips in this course, and learn restaurant menu pricing strategies using data & effectively price your menu for maximal profits.
  • restaurant menu pricing needs to be able to cover variable and fixed costs
  • restaurant Menu pricing for food and beverage items needs to be aligned with market forces. In this course, we will learn how to calculate effective recipe cost and price based on that cost. we will also learn how fixed cost and overheads impact the pricing of menu items and how we can factor such cost in pricing.

What you’ll learn in Restaurant menu pricing strategies,

  • How to calculate recipe cost
  • how to determine ideal food cost %
  • how to calculate menu price based on the menu cost
  • how overheads and fixed cost affect pricing
  • qualitative aspects in menu pricing

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Understanding of kitchen operations

Who this course on restaurant menu pricing strategies is for:

  • Chefs
  • F&B managers
  • Finance Cost control staff
  • Restaurant owners and managers
  • hotel F&B and Kitchen Staff

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hello this is Manish Gupta from hotel
management school and in this course we
are going to learn how to price the menu
for your restaurant pricing or pricing
the menu is very science and art
together the data the pricing should be
based on the data but it should also
reflect the other quantitative factors
such as competition location quality of
the food awards your skills but also
need to be able to recover your food
cause you’re fixed rentals your salaries
your profitability of the restaurants so
the pricing it can make or break your
the profitability of your restaurant
it can either scare away the customer by
being too pricey or you can leave the
money on table by being too less too
cheap so the balancing the price is
going to be a key in the success of your
restaurant so in this course we’re going
to look at some tricks how we can use
the data to price the menu items that
you may be putting up in your restaurant
post coverage 19 or in your regular
day-to-day working off your restaurant
so state you subscribe now
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Introduction & Fundamentals

Intro to course menu pricing
Why we need to price the menu
Factors in determining prices

Determining Recipe Costs

How to determine Cost of Menu Fundamentals
Menu Costing Template Explained and key things to remember
Excel Template Explained in more detailed part 1
Excel Template Explained in more detailed part 2

Profitability Concepts and Factoring Overheads in pricing

Gross Profit Concepts Explained
Excel template to see if we need to increase prices
Excel Template to determine how much an average guest should be spending
Qualitative Factor in pricing of menu items

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Restaurant Menu Pricing Strategies Use Data to guide decisions
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