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The restaurant business is very dynamic and its success lies in various factors. The ability to maximize restaurant profitability means optimizing seat occupancy, food cost, beverage cost, upselling. Revenue and cost analysis skills are a must for managers to be successful in achieving the objectives of maximum restaurant profitability while still maintaining the quality of service and food.

Success in a restaurant profitability management career depends not only on your operation skills but also on how well a manager understand restaurant revenue and expenses so that corrective actions can be taken on time.

This Short Video course on Restaurant profitability focuses on learning fundamentals on how to maximize the profitability of F&B business

  1. We will be learning how to segment & analyze Restaurant revenue
  2. Get the key metrics & compare with competitors
  3. Menu Engineering Report and Strategies to maximize revenue
  4. Understand F&B costs and how to manage them to maximize profitability.

Who Should Join the Course “Analyse and Maximize Restaurant Profitability”

The course is designed keeping in mind

  1. Restaurant Managers / Asst Managers to be able to manage their profitability
  2. Independent Restaurant Owners and Managers
  3. Hotel Management Students to give them some practical experience before jumping into a career.

After completing the course you should be

  1. Able to understand your major revenue & cost contributors
  2. Get some ideas of increased the profitability of your business

There are two assignments in the course to test your knowledge and having to interact with me.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to Analyse Restaurant Revenue
  • Segment and Analyse Food and Beverage revenue
  • Understand Key Metrics for Revenue Management
  • Menu Engineering Report
  • Understand Cost Structure to maximize restaurant profitability
  • Cover Analysis Report
  • F&B Cost Analysis and management

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • You should have a working knowledge of restaurant
  • Basic knowledge of business

Who this course is for:

  • Restaurant Owners
  • Restaurant Managers / Asst Managers
  • Hotel Restaurant Managers
  • Hotel Management Students

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Introduction & Fundamentals

Intro to the course Maximise Restaurant Profitability
Menu Design Principals
Course Slides for Your Reference

Restaurant Revenue Analysis

F&B Revenue Analysis and Steps
Revenue Analysis – Knowledge Check

You can analyze your restaurant revenue and submit back with a report and what did you learn

Assignment No 1

Menu Engineering Report

Menu Engineering Report Understanding Fundamentals and Key Elements
Menu Engineering Report Practical explanation and understanding
Revenue Maximisation Based on Menu Engineering
Assignment 2 – Menu Engineering Analysis

Cost Analysis & Management

F&B Cost and Expenses Fundamentals
Restaurant Labour & Other costs

Summarizing and Looking at P&L for overall performance

Analyzing Profit & Loss Statement
Any person working in the food and beverage industry would be benefited by joining this course
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Learn how to analyse and maximize Restaurant Profitability
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