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Executive Management and hotel performance

As a hotel owner/operator you are always wondering how various hotel management strategies are performing and what are various performance matrices we can use for monitoring hotel performance?

Hotel Operation and Management team may have different strategies to achieve their vision.

There are many performance indicators that can be used to analyze hotel performance however not all of them give the same value and an indication of hotel performance.

Actual performance can be hidden behind good looking KPIs. This course will guide to understand common KPIs and how to decode them. After this course, you can tell if Hotel strategies are working or not and profits are maximized.

Take this very short course to understand how to analyze a hotel’s performance without going too deep in financial statements and understand how various performance indicators can help to understand the effectiveness of various strategies

The course is designed to give a bird’s eye view on hotel performance.

What you’ll learn about hotel performance

  • Strategic Analysis of Hotel Overall performance
  • Meaning of Various Performance Indicators (Benefits and Limitations)
  • Learn to Analyse Revenue & expenses from overview

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Some Hotel Operations Understanding

Who this course is for:

  • Hotel Owners
  • Operations Managers

Instructor of the course is Mr Manish Gupta other courses by him are

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Intro to the course on strategic analysis of hotel performance
What is Occupancy % and How do we calculate it & is it good indicator
Average Daily Rates Tricky to compare
RevPAR Better Indicator ! really
Gross Operating Ratio and Trip Advisor Ranking Limitations of these measures
Revenue Segmentation and Problem with Traditional Metrics

Modern Performance Metrics for Strategic Analysis & Control

Total RevPAR, Gross Operating Profit PAR, Revenue Generation Index
Guest Social Sentiment Score, Total Revenue per SQFT Overall Pros
What Performance Indicators are Bad and need to be careful of

Profit & Loss Analysis

Basic Methodology to understand Profit & Loss
Ratio Analysis of hotel P&L
Strategic Analysis of Hotel Revenue and Additional Reports
Strategic Analysis of Hotel Revenue and Additional Reports

Non Financial Measures of Hotel performance

Other Non Financial Aspects of Business

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Strategic Analysis of Hotel Performance