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History of Wines

Wine has been produced for thousands of years. The earliest evidence of wine is from ancient China (7000 BC), Georgia (6000 BC), Iran (5000 BC), and Sicily (4000 BC). New World wine has some connection to alcoholic beverages made by the indigenous peoples of the Americas, but is mainly connected to later Viking area of Vinland and Spanish traditions in New Spain. Later, as Old World wine further developed viticulture techniques, Europe would encompass three of the largest wine-producing regions. Today, the five countries with the largest wine-producing regions are in Italy, Spain, France, the United States, and China.

What is Wine

Wine is an alcoholic drink typically made from fermented grape juice. Yeast consumes the sugar in the grapes and converts it to ethanol, carbon dioxide, and heat. Different varieties of grapes and strains of yeasts produce different styles of wine. These variations result from the complex interactions between the biochemical development of the grape, the reactions involved in fermentation, the grape’s growing environment (terroir), and the production process. Many countries enact legal appellations intended to define styles and qualities of wine. These typically restrict the geographical origin and permitted varieties of grapes, as well as other aspects of wine production. Wines not made from grapes involve fermentation of additional crops including, rice wine and other fruit wines such as plum, cherry, pomegranate, currant and elderberry.

What you will learn in this course on Wine

  • What is wine?
  • Understand wine
  • Why some wines differ from others?
  • Learn how to store and serve wine
  • Anatomy of a grape
  • Fermentation
  • How wine is made
  • Types of wine
  • Wine terminology
  • Grape varietals

Who this course is for:

  • Wine students
  • Hospitality students
  • Hotel management
  • Sommeliers
  • Wine Enthusiasts

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Introductions to the wines

Wines – Introduction
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