Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Learning with Hotel Management School (eHMS) will gear you for an exciting career in international hospitality management. You will be taught by leading professionals having extensive practical experience in international hotel management. You will learn at your own individual pace together with your regular Jobs and discuss real issues in discussion groups. The courses are ever evolving and will cover all practical aspects and latest trends. You will also become part of our alumni network, a community of over 3,000 other students that stretches across the globe in over 100 countries.
We aim to share experience form rich professional experience and trainer is active hospitality finance professionals. We teach through experience and no through standard theoretical aspects. Course will help you to solve your real life troubles by focusing on what you need at JOB.
There are two ways to subscribe to our online courses. 1. Follow the UDEMY Links given in the each course and subscribe. You will be prompted to pay online via internationally accepted Debit / credit card 2. You can also Register for courses at and pay via paypal. 3. You can contact us directly and pay directly via cash / bank transfers and we will register you to our courses and send you the link to access courses.
Yes you can send a message and we can discuss at length. We do have one timepayment or subscription options.
Course will be accessible for life time with all updates in course material in future.
You can send us an email, message on whatapp, FB messenger or via Q& A Sections on UDEMY or TEACHABLE. We will try to be as responsive as we can however all queries will be answered within the day.
Yes once you have completely watched all videos you will get a certificate of completion.

Free Hotel Management and Operations Book

The vast majority of research articles and essays in this book deal with one or more aspects of what has been called the art and science of modern hotel management. It should be noted that the word modern can be loaded with the potential of much misunder- standing. Hotels are changing and will continue to change. As a result, the techniques of management of modern hotels must adapt to changing circumstances. Subsequent sections of this book are designed to help the student and practitioner discover information, meth- ods, and techniques for dealing with these changing circumstances.