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Customer Loyalty is important in achieving profitability in the hotel business. Loyalty is usually achieved through efficient and effective service. The hotel serves various guests every day, every minute, every hour, which makes it impossible to serve all guests without any faults and hence there are guest complaints. As the famous quote says “to err is human”. Hospitality is run by humans and hence the error is natural.

So how do we achieve customer loyalty, the answer lies in how we handle customer/guest complaints and feedback. Here are the most common complaints a guest makes in a hotel and some ways to handle such complaints.

1.Guest Complaints about Bad Customer Service

Hotel customer service is the service provided by hotels to guests before, during, and after their stay. Bad customer service can be defined as when a business fails to meet customer expectations in terms of service quality, response time, or overall customer experience. The guest may experience problems with customer service and may get dissatisfied. It can be wide-ranging reasons such as slow service, no one in the reception desk, ignoring the guest’s request, etc.

angry customer complaint in hotel, angry guest

How to prevent such incidence

To prevent these complaints from occurring, all of your hotel team members need to have the required skills in hotel management. Hotels should check the service quality of your staff at regular intervals through mystery audits. The hotel should arrange regular training or encourage some classes to fulfill their required skills.

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How to handle if this happens

When such service complaints happen, take them sincerely. All you need to do is examine the complaints with proper attention and understanding. Make sure your guests it won’t occur again and do everything you can to take action on the problem. Doing this might keep the angry hotel guest away from leaving a bad online review.

Guest complaints regarding Rude staff

There may be problems with the attitudes and behavior of hotel staff. Impolite, unprofessional, and indifferent behavior of staff can make an inconvenience to customers. If there are some conflicts between staff and customers, even a little impolite manner of staff can become complaints.

guest complaint for rude staff

How to Prevent such complaints 

Be it a front-desk manager, pool staff, housekeeping, restaurant staff or your gym trainers; it’s crucial that your entire hotel team is well-trained and polite. They must be able to understand and listen to what the customer feels.All teams in the hotel need to know how to communicate with guests effectively. If needed, you should encourage them to attend following classes

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How to Handle if this happens

If it happens, hotel managers need to follow the following steps.

  1. Take the rude staff from visibility and ask reasons why he was rude.
  2. Apologize to a guest immediately without any excuse
  3. Don’t put the blame on to the staff and say something like “he is usually like that” 


3.Guest complaining about Noisy neighbors

Noisy voices can make customers very disappointed. Guests already paid good money to stay at your hotel and want to get peace and quiet places for relaxation or business. On the other hand, there are also guests who take a fun trip with friends who make a noisy voice. All are your customers and both of them can make complaints. So, you have to deal with that problem correctly to not losing customers.


loud customer complaint

How to prevent such incidence

You should ask your guests not to make so much noise at once they reserved a hotel room.

How to handle if this happens

If the noise is coming from outside the hotel, your staff can offer to move the guest up several floors or across the floor plan to get them away from the noise. If the noise is coming from inside the hotel (other guests or, perhaps, a service room), politely ask their neighbor to keep their volume down because it’s bothering the other guests. Keep in mind that the noisy neighbors are also guests at your hotel and should be treated with appropriate respect.


4.Guest complaining about Low quality food

The quality of food is also important for a hotel. Food quality can make or break a hotel and for good reason: it’s the main reason why guests step through the door. If the food is worse, unsafe, and bad taste, word spreads fast with social media and can get a bad impression. Also, when the food provided from the hotel is not up to their expectation, there can be a complaint.

How to prevent such incidence

Make sure the quality of the food is good and check all the cooking process. Kitchen cleanliness is also an important factor to prevent complaints.

bad food guest complaint

How to handle if this happens

In this case, you should listen to the customer carefully, identify the problem, apologize to the customer and quickly solve the problem. Address your chef if there are any complaints for the food. In the case of food served cold, confront your staff about the delay in serving the food to the guests.


5. Guest Complaining About Unexpected fees

Most of the customers don’t want to pay more than the original price. Your hotel should be assured that you aren’t engaging in the practice of charging people more than what they previously thought they would be paying. unexpected charges in bill, customer complaint

So, when they checked out the room and it costs more than the expectation, the customers may complain about it.

How to prevent such incidence

You should clearly inform the guests of all the charges of services. Whenever they take extra services, make sure they agree with the charges. In this way, you can prevent complaints from unexpected fees.

How to handle if this happens 

Make sure your guests keep calm and carefully explain the reasons with figures.THe most important thing is that the guest should have a clear understanding of it before leaving the hotel so that you can prevent bad reviews.


6.Guest complaints when Reality is not the same as the promotion on social media or websites

Customer complaints may appear when the real hotel accommodation is not up to their expectation. Before making the booking, they have searched your hotel websites, and social media. So, if there are any differences with the advertisements and promises, they may become complaints.

not as per promise complaints

How to prevent such incidence

If there are some differences in decorations or furniture in your hotel, please update those things on your advertisement on websites or social media. Keep in mind that to advertise the real things and services not to make guests disappointed.

How to handle if this happens

The only way to deal with this is by holding back the reliable comments and being professional about the situation (saying sorry even when a sorry isn’t needed).


7. Problems related to Restricted hotel rules

Rules, terms, and conditions are essential for any hotel but sometimes, it can cause customer complaints. If your hotel says there are no overnight guests allowed, or no outside food allowed or something like that can make customers annoyed.

unfriendly rules in hotel, customer complaint

How to prevent such incidence

Explain to the customers patiently about your rules and regulations and why your hotel doesn’t allow those things.Or, if these rules make them so restricted and stressed, just release some small rules.


How to handle if this happens

If complaints happen, try to handle it as soon as possible. In most cases, make the guests feel comfort about the rules. But the rule they break is unacceptable, eg.smoking in the room, take action to them. 


9.Guest Complaining about Lack of cleanliness (Dirty room)

Cleanliness is one of the main factors in a hotel selection, regardless of property size, brand affiliation, or location. A high standard of cleanliness of a hotel helps to form customer loyalty, generate positive word of mouth, and, as a result, increase the hotel’s occupancy and profitability. Vice versa, lack of cleanliness of a hotel can lead to opposite results. The bathroom is not clean, or the washbasin may be dirty, hairs in the tub or on the bed. At times even the housekeeping fails to collect the things left in the closet by previous guests. These can be some of the things that might bother your hotel guests. 

not cleaned areas in hotel

How to prevent such incidence

Since cleanliness is important to financial success of your hotel, it is imperative for hoteliers to implement a smart strategy for bolstering their housekeeping operation.You should invest in training your housekeeping staff.Make sure your hotel has a goodwill in cleanliness.

How to handle if this happens

Room cleanliness issues are usually solved with apologies and a quick action. Some guests will be fine with a quick recleaning and some will be truly disgusted or outraged. For upset guests that will move, offer them a new (recently cleaned) room. If they do not want to move, offer them a complimentary meal in the restaurant or spa treatment while cleaning staff takes another swing at making the room pristine. Also, train your housekeeping staff to present the best when it comes to hygiene. 

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10.Small or uncomfortable beds

This is another complaint as old as the hills. As a traveler of a rather lofty height, it is the size of beds that so often disappoints.If you have no plan for those tall people, customers’ complaints may appear. 

How to prevent such incidence

Your customers may be children, teenagers, old people or taller people. You should have special size beds and necessary things for those people.

How to handle if this happens

If your hotel doesn’t have a plan for those people, you should explain to the guests that it is the correct size and say sorry for the inconvenience.

11.Mechanical complaints

Mechanical complaints deal with equipment problems within the hotel.It is usually concerned with problems with air conditioning, lighting, electricity, room furnishing, vending machines, ice machines, door keys, plumbing, television and so on.

How to prevent such incidence

Set procedures in place to regularly check to make sure all equipment is working, as well as having someone on hand to fix the issue in case something goes wrong.

How to handle if this happens

If complaints happen, firstly you should apologize to your customers for their inconvenience. And then make sure all inconveniences are fixed. If this doesn’t work, you should ask your customers to change to another room.

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