Expert Instructors and Contributors for Hotel Management Courses

Sharmila Chand – Communication Expert, Journalist and Author

Communication Skills

Sharmila Chand is an Author, Columnist, communication expert, instructor and Senior Journalist based in New Delhi.

Rekha V Maitra, Hospitality Trainer


Rekha Maitra has been associated with various hotel management institutes and engaged in teaching housekeeping for hotel and resorts to thousands of students for past 14 years.

Harish Chander, F&B Expert

Food and Beverage

Harish Chander a Profit Engineer, helps Businesses to grow and earn a profit while increasing efficiency, cost controls, and optimizing resources utilisation using matrix and analytical skills.

Taran Deep

Marketing and Branding

Tarandeep is an expert in Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising in Hospitality, lifestyle & Luxury with over 20 years of experience.

Chef Michael Swamy

Culinary and Food Photography

Chef Michael Swamy is a pioneer in the area of food media and is a chef, food stylist, food writer, and travel photographer based in Mumbai, India. He is recognized as one of India’s top 50 chefs.

Manish Gupta

Finance and Business Strategy

Lead Instructor, Mr Manish Gupta is an experienced hospitality professional, having a blend of financial core expertise with hands-on training in Hotel Management, operations and business development.