How to Motivate hotel employees and hospitality associates and meet guest expectations in Hospitality

In hospitality, we believe that great guest services come from great employees, if employees are happy and motivated, they will make customers happy also. If they are not, customers will also be not happy !! Hence it utterly important to understand how to motivate hotel employees and hospitality associates.

Motivated hotel employees are expected to

  1. greet the customer with genuine smiles
  2. serve with genuine care
  3. listen to them attentively and resolve issues emphatically.

How does Law of attraction influence motivation levels in hotel staff!

Before we start, Let’s understand the term “Law of Attraction” briefly, for the benefit of all those who may not be familiar with the term.

All that we are, is a result of, what we have thought Buddha

We create our own universe, as we go along Winston Churchill.

In simple words, we attract like thoughts, like things in our lives. If we think well, we attract more good. if we think bad, we attract worse.

We will get in life what we focus on most. For example, We are not happy with anything, and, we just think every day that we are not happy, more unhappiness will come our way.

In a more practical way, let’s assume we are unhappy with the rude behaviour of our employee or supervisor and we continue to think about that rude behaviour all day. What will happen gradually ?. this thought will make us rude as well or ignorant of our functionalities which will result in more of such rude behaviours in our workplace even from others.

However, if we change our thinking to believe that we are happy and we are able to turn bad things into blessings, universe powers will work together to create circumstances to make us happier. This Notion or assumption is termed as “Law of attraction”

Now how does this relate to guest services in the hospitality industry or any customer-centric industry?

Can a hotel employee

  1. who is not happy greet with genuinely smile towards customers?
  2. an employee who is not loved, will provide genuine care to our customers?
  3. an employee who is engaged with negative thoughts can listen attentively and emphatically?.

Now you know the answer to all above questions is “NOT AT ALL”. employees who are not happy or possess negative feelings will never be able to serve customers but will attract negative feelings from guests as well, which will create more problems for operations.!

Now the question is

  1. Can we make all employees be happy, loved or emphatic?
  2. if some team members inherently possess these qualities, will they always remain in the same situation?
  3. Can positive thinking and lifestyle be trained?

In my opinion, no one can be trained enough or told to think positively or be happy or be loved. These are all internal feelings of individuals, external forces can not control these attributes.

The only force which can influence is their own MINDS. As we become what we think, as we attract more of what we like or focus on.

If our team members are focusing on negative thoughts, no matter how hard we train them, they will never be successful and they are emitting negative vibes all around them.

No Standard operating procedure of any company will be able to make the guests feel loved by the employee if the person applying the procedure is not happy himself.

What we can do to motivate hotel employees & associates and use the law of attraction to work naturally.

So can we do anything to influence them as their leader?

Yes !! as a leader it in our inherent interest to see that our teammates are happy in their lives, that they are loved, that they are cared not only at the workplace but also in their personal lives.

The only way we can achieve this is by coaching / mentoring them to change the way of their thinking towards life, towards how they think about circumstances, and think only good to bring good around them.

Yes, it is very hard to delve into personal lives of our team members (especially if they are large in numbers), however, if we work in small groups and mentor few peoples at a time and those already mentored, mentor few others, it can be achieved.

There is no shortcut to it, the process will take a long time, however, it can be achieved through combined efforts.

Your thoughts and inputs on the above article are much appreciated and will help me to write more constructively and in detail about this subject for the benefit of all.

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