Harish Chander a Profit Engineer, helps Businesses to grow and earn a profit. He helps in increasing efficiency, cost controls, and optimizing resources utilization using matrix and analytical skills.

Harish Chander, Food and Beverage Expert

Harish Chander is a meticulous Food and Beverage Manager with 11+ years of experience spanning across hospitality businesses in the UAE, Oman, and Bahrain. During his career, Harish has helped hotels/resorts/catering establishments, in administering food and beverage operations and enhance the highest standards of service to guests. Through the focus of 3 P’s: Process, Performance, and Profitability. Simply put, Harish is the conduit between the clients and their needs.

During his career as a Food and beverage expert he has earned various prestigious awards such as:
πŸ†β€’ Dubai β€œTime Out” Best Pan Asian Cuisine Category Award.
πŸ†β€’ β€œOman Todays” Best Far Eastern Cuisine Category Award.
πŸŽ–β€’ Gold Medal – Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel Award.

Currently, Harish serves as a Section Head of Food and Beverage, at ADNOC GROUP. At ADNOC he has mentored, coached and empowered staff to put their best feet forward and offer prolific services to guests and international clientele.

Harish specializes in : πŸ‘‡
Budget and Forecasting, Building Strong Teams, Events Management, Promotion, Performance Analysis, Systems Utilization, Labor Cost Control, Food Beverage Management, Market Research Expansion, Emotional Intelligence, Culinary Management, Profit Engineering, and, Multi-unit Operations & Management

harish Chander Food and beverage expert
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