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Pandemic has created unimaginable disruptions, threats & Job opportunities in hospitality industry. To explore and grab these job opportunities, professionals would need different skills than thought earlier. In this article, we are discussing, what are the latest trends and how hospitality professionals can take advantage of new job opportunities in hospitality industry arising as a result of this crisis. We will also throw some light on tips on “What are do’s and don’ts of job search on Linked in and other mediums”.


Table of Contents for this Article

  • New Trends and Job Opportunities in Hospitality Industry
  • Latest trending Skills that will help in getting job opportunities in hospitality industry in new era
  • Does and dont of applying for job opportunities in hospitality industry.


New trends and job opportunities in hospitality industry.


  • focus on hygiene and sanitation: Entire hospitality industry is now focusing on not just only creating a safe and hygienic environment but also show it to guests to create impression and confidence. This is creating a need for hygiene managers and auditors. Hospitality staff can upskill themselves, get a HACCP certification, learn how to audit, and followup to be able to take advantage of such an opportunity.
  • Focus on health and wellness by guests is getting hotels to create Food and Beverage experience centered around improving health and immunity. This opportunity will boost the need for nutritionists and wellness and personal well-being experts.
  • Content marketer and Storytellers for digital marketing – Online Presence will be even more important day by day. The only way hotels can stand out in the digital world is by storytelling and effective content marketing. Each hotel, each employee has some story to tell,
  • Guest experience designers and creators – Due to the expected drop in demand and peoples who will be willing to travel will look for unique experiences and adventures. Hotels need to be able to create unique experiences for guests to be able to attract them and give them value, not just a place to sleep. hence new job opportunities in the hospitality industry will be created. Learn Best Customer service skills here
  • Sustainability and CSR experts – Now local community development, support will be much more important rather just doing what is necessary to comply with policies. Going local, develop communities around the hotel, and helping the environment will be much more important for guests than ever. Hence hotels will need peoples who understand CSR and sustainability and are able to follow up on those matters.


Latest trending Skills that will help in getting job opportunities in hospitality industry in new era


  • Multi-tasking Skills – Due to lack of demand leading to low price and profitability, much emphasis will be on labor cost control. In this scenario hospitality professional who has multiple skills and ability to carry out different jobs will be the priority to keep for filling up upcoming job opportunities in hospitality industry. those who are not able to learn a new skill will find it difficult till the time situation is better than normal.
  • up-selling skills would be needed to make most of the existing guests. Since guests will be traveling in limited numbers, hotels must be able to make the maximum from them. Upselling, cross-selling, and suggestive selling skills will be in demand. You can learn Sugguetive Skills here
  • Personal interaction with guests – To enhance guest services and delight guests by providing memorable experiences to increase loyalty.
  • Problem-solving and Design thinking skills for creating experiences – Hotels would be required to create new experiences by understanding what guests needs and how to solve their problems.
  • Storytelling & Digital marketing Skills for a marketer – Storytelling is a very important part of digital marketing. All hotel employees would need to understand at least how digital marketing works and story letting so that it becomes easier while interacting with customers and support company in digital marketing efforts especially on Social Media
  • Financial Analysis Skills – All hotel operation managers must be able to learn and understand financial analysis skills to understand how their department is performing and what are the areas of improvement. You can learn how to analyse financial statement here You should also have good financial acumen for managing cash in a crisis. Learn how you can manage cash flows
  • Revenue management Skills – Understanding Revenue Management will also be an important and interesting skill to master so that profitability of a hotel can be improved in real sense. You can learn revenue management fundamentals here
  • Understanding of revenue controls and income audit process to protect revenue leakages


Does and dont of applying for job opportunities in hospitality industry.


  • Update your CV. Uplift your CV by redesigning it. Create multiple versions highlighting different skills and job opportunities in hospitality industry which required different focus on skill sets. You should be sending relevant versions for different job opportunities highlighting the skills required in such Jobs.
  • SWOT Analysis – Have a review at the skills you have mastered and what else you can learn. A continuous SWOT of existing skills and market opportunities will keep you relevant employable.
  • Soft skills such as management, analytical, problem solving, strategic thinking skills need to continuously develop and highlighted in CV with examples. You should be able to create video stories, upload to youtube or linked and share links into the CV to demonstrate your skills.
  • Read the job description carefully and mode to apply properly before actually applying for the job. Don’t just apply for sake of applying. If you don’t fit the criteria don’t apply but mind what you can do to gather these skills.
  • While applying on linked in. Don’t comment – interested / pls read my profile etc. Rather give cover letter why you fit the job and send the application as defined in post.
  • Try to market yourself by engaging on linked in, quora etc .. it will help to establish yourself. Instead of just sharing the post or commenting ask good insightful questions
  • Try to stay away from controversial comments which display political inclination or racial inclination. Employers what your activity.
  • Don’t blame past employers on social media.
  • Be active and thoughtful in establishing your personal brand bu creating content and engaging with others’ contents.
  • Showcase your achievements/projects in your CV as well as what did you learn in each job to demonstrate willingness and abilities to learn.
  • You may even highlight failures and share learning from those failures.
  • Follow influencers on LinkedIn to learn and get insights into various areas like business/technology / leadership/storytelling/marketing


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